How To Help Your Car Battery Last Longer

September 21st, 2015|

For the most part, we all know what we’ve got to do to keep ourselves around longer – eating right, getting enough exercise, reducing stress, not discussing politics with the in-laws, etc. The degree to which we actually DO (or don’t do) these things varies, of course, because human beings are complex and mysterious creatures, after all. In fact, the internal combustion engine under the hood of your car begins to look like the simplest of “Baby’s First…” toys in comparison to the inscrutable internal workings of your basic human being. .

So let’s stop pretending our fancy new vehicles are beyond understanding, or powered by secret, reverse-engineered alien technology, or filled with milk chocolate, or whatever it is you believe is going on in there. Let’s pop the hood and have a look, shall we? There’s plenty you can do (or not do) to maximize […]